Welcome, New Members!

AAOM welcomes the following new members who have recently joined the association: From the City of Winnipeg Assessment; Taxation Dept.: Jamie Fougere Mel Chambers Moreena Tenuwara Marcia Mizeracki Amanda Evans Valene Bertrand Ariel Jentsch From Manitoba Municipal Government-Provincial Assessment Services: (no picture) Ryan Kennelly (Selkirk) Isaac Evans (Selkirk)

Congratulations, New Designees

Kathryn Smith, Nicholas Ruta, and Michael Taylor have recently completed all the requirements for their Accredited Assessor Manitoba (AAM) Designation. To achieve this designation, requirements include a combination of education, experience and adherence to a professional code of conduct.   Mirek Frolek, Chair of the Public Relations Board for the AAOM – wants you to check […]

Exemptions 101: Hitting the Trail

The Trans Canada Trail: The Trans-Canada Trail is a multi-use trail intended for hikers, bikers, horseback riders and cross-country skiers. The Trans-Canada Trail (TCT) was started in 1992 as a project to celebrate Canada’s 125th anniversary.   According to section 22 of the Municipal Assessment Act: [panel style=”info” text_align=”left”] Real property partial exemptions 22(1) Subject […]

Milestones: 20,000 Condos

The spurt of multi-family construction in the last few years has done it. A recent data query for Winnipeg has yielded 19,884 residential condo units in Winnipeg’s data base. In addition there are 165 non-residential condos. If we exclude the industrial condos there are 121 condos coded as condo-store or condo-office. The majority of these […]

“You’ve got to get out and walk”

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was an urbanist and activist whose writings championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building.   She had no formal training as a planner, and yet her 1961 treatise, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, introduced ground-breaking ideas about how cities function, evolve and fail that now seem like common […]