Assessors perform some, or all of the following duties:


Who Employs Real Property Assessors?

Assessors may be employed by government agencies, real estate firms and other private companies; or they may be self-employed.



What Education is Required?

Property assessment and appraisal are multidisciplinary vocations centered on the study and valuation of land, businesses, estates and other real property for the purpose of ad valorem taxation.

Both mass appraisal and real property assessment require specialized skills in valuation, in addition to focused study in finance, urban land economics, real property law, statistics, and building construction.

The educational requirements for AAOM accreditation reflect  current industry standards for real property appraisal.

What distinguishes Real Property Assessment as a profession?

To become an accredited assessor in Manitoba, a combination of experience, education, and adherence to a professional code of conduct is required.

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