Under the Radar: South Charleswood Development Now Underway

At last shovels are in the ground in Ridgewood South, the six-kilometre-long triangle of land on the south side of Charleswood that is Winnipeg’s newest large-scale residential development. Ridgewood South is roughly 800 acres of partly forested land bounded by Wilkes Avenue to the south, the Perimeter Highway to the west and the Harte Trail […]

Jane’s Walk Weekend 2015

The annual Jane’s Walk is back on the weekend of May2-May3.   Jane’s Walks are free local walking tours run by volunteers. The Walks explore history, architecture and local issues-a great chance to see what’s happening in local communities. They are intended as a conversation rather than pure lecture, a forum for ideas as well […]

Exemptions 101: Hitting the Trail

The Trans Canada Trail: The Trans-Canada Trail is a multi-use trail intended for hikers, bikers, horseback riders and cross-country skiers. The Trans-Canada Trail (TCT) was started in 1992 as a project to celebrate Canada’s 125th anniversary.   According to section 22 of the Municipal Assessment Act: [panel style=”info” text_align=”left”] Real property partial exemptions 22(1) Subject […]

Milestones: 20,000 Condos

The spurt of multi-family construction in the last few years has done it. A recent data query for Winnipeg has yielded 19,884 residential condo units in Winnipeg’s data base. In addition there are 165 non-residential condos. If we exclude the industrial condos there are 121 condos coded as condo-store or condo-office. The majority of these […]

Jane’s Walk: May 3rd – 4th

The 2014 Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, locally led walking tours inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs. The Winnipeg edition of Jane’s Walk is taking place May 3rd and 4th in Winnipeg.  Over 100 cities participate in Jane’s Walk. Volunteers are ready to lead you through  a variety of neighborhoods, helping you to understand […]

Manitoba Housing Market Predictions:

On January 22 the Winnipeg Realtors held their 2014 Forecast Breakfast. Market Analyst Peter Squire reviewed 2013 and gave his annual predictions. Still looks slow and steady although condos have been on the move. Winnipeg 2014 Forecast: Sales Type Forecast Home Sales +0 to 2% Home Prices +2 to 4% Condo prices +6 to 8% […]

In Recognition of Bike To Work Day June 21

Friday June 21st is the annual Bike to Work Day with numerous activities offered this week. The secret to a successful commute is finding a route you are comfortable with. Google will happily produce the shortest path for you but you may find yourself playing chicken with semi-trailers on major thoroughfares like Portage, Pembina or […]

Another Record Setter:

Is a new mall on the rise in Charleswood?   No, it’s another record setter. Lot prices have risen in an especially dramatic fashion in Winnipeg’s South Charleswood (south of Wilkes) over the last ten years. It’s a large lot area of mainly two to five acre lots. This four acre site sold for over […]

The Guru is In: Have Models, Will Travel

Phoenix-based consultant Robert “Bob” Gloudemans was in Winnipeg recently(June 3-6), working with Winnipeg modeling staff to review and critique their 2014 valuation models…

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