Jane’s Walk Weekend 2015

A unique offering from the past: in 2014 the Riel Gentlemen’s Choir led a walk complete with musical interludes

The annual Jane’s Walk is back on the weekend of May2-May3.


Jane’s Walks are free local walking tours run by volunteers. The Walks explore history, architecture and local issues-a great chance to see what’s happening in local communities. They are intended as a conversation rather than pure lecture, a forum for ideas as well as stories.


Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was an author and activist who championed community-based city building. After her passing, Jane’s Walk was started in Toronto to honour her legacy.


Jane’s Walks are organized by people around the world, but it is coordinated by a Toronto organization.


In Winnipeg this year’s volunteer led strolls include such diverse fare as Life in Spence: Revitalized, A Walk in Elmwood Cemetary, Plane Jane: A Walk to the Airport, and Echoes of Our Past-The Historic Seine River.


For more information: http://janeswalk.org/canada/winnipeg/


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