Life membership in the Association shall be:

  1. Limited to accredited or regular members or former accredited or regular members of the Association who have retired from active employment in the assessment field or any related field; 
  2. Has been a member in good standing for at least twenty years, or upon special consideration; 
  3. Contributed directly to the  promotion of the Association through service on the executive council or a special committee; 
  4. Nominated in writing, by a  member in good standing, with supporting documentation; and 
  5. Approved by executive council

2. Life membership entitles a person  to the following privileges without payment of fee: 

  1. Receipt of a certificate of lifetime membership; 
  2. To attend the annual meeting of the Association; and 
  3. To receive the newsletter of the Association. 

3. If at any time, an accredited individual holding the designation “Life Membership” resumes work in the field or a related field of assessment, he/she will be obligated to pay dues  equal to that of an associate or subscribing member. (amended May 14/02) 

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