Recertification is a process that recognizes accredited members for active participation in the association, continued education, and competency in the practice of assessment.

Accredited members are required to report their acquired credit hours to the Recertification Committee using the prescribed forms.

Mandatory Recertification

For your reference, the following documents are available for download:


Beginning January 1, 2023, certified members must accumulate 20 credits within the three-year time frame to qualify for re-certification. Recertification Credits.

Cycle start date:January 1, 2023
Cycle end date:December 31, 2025
Requirement:20 credits
Starting balance:Zero credits

A list of courses/seminars/opportunities for which credits can be earned appears below. A minimum of 20 credits will be needed to recertify.

No.Activities Hours per ActivityCredits
1Approved Workshops/Seminars
(A.A.O.M., A.I.C., I.A.A.O., etc.)
Conference SeminarMax. 1 hour each1
Half DayMax. 3 hours each3
Full DayMax. 6 hours each6
2Presentation of Approved Workshop/SeminarHalf DayMax. 6 hours each6
Full DayMax. 12 hours each12
3Preparation of Workshop/SeminarHalf DayMax. 10 hours each10
Full DayMax. 15 hours each15
4Courses:U.B.C. Courses (per unit)15 hours each15
Appraisal Institute Courses (per unit)15 hours each15
Related University Courses (per unit)15 hours each15
Community Colleges Related Courses (per unit)15 hours each15
I.A.A.O. CoursesMax. 15 hours each15
5Related Seminar/Webinar/Other Courses(Evaluated on an individual basis)Max. 15 hours each15
6Course Preparation and or rewrite of Course MaterialMax. 15 hours each15
7Accepted Residential and / or Income Producing Demonstration Report15 hours each15
8Preparing Examinations for Association CoursesMax. 5 hours5
9Grading / Marking Demonstration Reports / Examinations (per report / exam)Max. 5 hours5
10Publication of Articles or BulletinMax. 8 hours8

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