Regular membership in the Association shall be:

  1. Limited to a person who is regularly engaged in the practice of assessment, but does not possess the experience and education requirements to obtain the A.A.M. designation; (amended Jan. 1/07)
  2. Granted upon payment of fees set by the Association.

2. Regular membership entitles a person to the following privileges:

  1. To practice residential, commercial and industrial assessment appraisals under the supervision of an Accredited Assessment Officer of Manitoba;
  2. To practice agricultural land assessment appraisal (collection of agricultural land data and valuation);
  3. To vote and hold office in the Association;
  4. To have a voice and a vote at the annual and special meetings of the Association;
  5. To be appointed to committees of the Association;
  6. To receive a copy of Association documents designed for distribution to members; and
  7. To receive the newsletter of the Association.


3. Regular membership carries obligations including but not limited to the following:

  1. To adhere to the Association’s code of ethics;
  2. To adhere to the Association’s standard of conduct.

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