AAOM is the accreditation body for property assessment in Manitoba. Our program enhances our members skills, and provides professional recognition in the field of property assessment, valuation theory, and mass appraisal.

AAOM bestows the Accredited Assessor Manitoba (AAM) designation to members who have achieved educational standards, experience,  and competency in the practice of mass appraisal and property assessment for ad-valorem taxation in the Province of Manitoba.


Core Education

The following courses are required, and are administered by the Real Estate Division – University of British Columbia:

BUSI 112 Canadian Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics
BUSI 121 Foundations of Real Estate Mathematics
BUSI 330 Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal
BUSI 344 Statistical and Computer Applications in Valuation
BUSI 400 Residential Property Analysis
BUSI 401 Commercial Property Analysis
BUSI 443 Foundations of Real Property Assessment and Mass Appraisal

AND one of the following:

BUSI 331 Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal, or
BUSI 444 Advanced Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
*Note: A single course may not be used to satisfy both a core requirement and an elective.

AND one additional elective:

BUSI 100 Micro Foundations of Real Estate Economics
BUSI 101  Capital Markets and Real Estate
BUSI 221  Real Estate Finance in a Canadian Context
BUSI 293  Introductory Financial Accounting
BUSI 300 Urban and Real Estate Economics
BUSI 331  Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal
BUSI 442 Case Studies in Appraisal I
BUSI 444 Advanced Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
BUSI 452 Case Studies in Appraisal II
BUSI 460 Critical Analysis and Forecasting in Real Estate

Income Producing Property Demonstration Report

Completion of ONE of the following:
AAOM Demonstration Report (2015) (administered by AAOM),
IAAO Commercial Property Demonstration Report (administered by IAAO),
BUSI 497 Agricultural Guided Case Study (administered by UBC),
BUSI 499 Income Property Guided Case Study (administered by UBC)

AAOM Oral Interview:

The Interview will include a section on Manitoba case law/important cases, legislation, appeals, class, liability. This interview is intended to cover the content of the former AAOM Law Seminar.

For more information, please refer to  AAOM Oral Interview Guidelines (2015)

Experience Requirement:

Have at least four continuous years of mass appraisal experience and be regularly engaged in the practice of assessment.

Membership Requirement:

Be a member in good standing in the Association of Assessing Officers of Manitoba for the current and preceding three years.


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