The Top Ten List

By Greg Petzold (Winnipeg)

An Assessed Value Reality Check from Planet Vancouver

2014 brought some record sale prices for Winnipeg homes. For the first time a Winnipeg home sold for $3 million. But in real estate, as in life, everything is relative.
In January, the B.C. Assessment Authority released their Top 500 list of B.C. home assessments. It’s an eye-opener to compare Vancouver’s highest 2015 assessed values to the corresponding top Winnipeg assessed values.


2015 Residential Assessed Values Comparison

2015 Vancouver Top Ten Homes 2015 Winnipeg Top Ten Homes
1. $57,595,000 1. $3,823,000
2. $50,126,000 2. $2,686,000
3. $31,456,000 3. $2,500,000
4. $28,137,000 4. $2,467,000
5. $27,861,000 5. $2,385,000
6. $27,418,000 6. $2,375,000
7. $27,401,000 7. $2,350,000
8. $27,362,000 8. $2,227,000
9. $27,008,000 9. $2,190,000
10. .$25,861,000 10. .$2,169,000


The most expensive Vancouver home is a 30,600 square foot Kitsilano mansion owned by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson. Yes, it’s on the water.  Winnipeg’s highest 2015 assessment is a riverfront home on Wellington Crescent.

Most of the top ten are in West Vancouver-an amazing five are on the same street. B.C. Assessment actually lists 289 homes in the province with assessed values greater than $10 million.

Winnipeg currently has 15 homes with assessed values greater than $2 million.

B.C.Assessment’s 2015 roll reflects market value as of July 1, 2014 while the Winnipeg values cited here are still at April 1, 2012 market value.


For B.C. Assessment’s Top 500 listing:
For some photos and details see:

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