A brilliant assessment community is fostered by promoting assessment equity, professional integrity and continuous learning. AAOM serves to protect the integrity, and to enhance the reputa­tion of the assess­ment profes­sion.

Our services include voluntary re-certification, publications, professional networking opportunities, continuing education programs, and advocacy.


AAOM believes that accreditation is the best process to assure our professional colleagues, academic communities, and the public that accredited assessors are competent and meet rigorous professional standards.

Our accreditation requirements address modern standards and aims of  mass appraisal and real property assessment. These requirements make sure that our members meet the unique needs, and challenges of mass appraisal.

Continuous Learning and Voluntary Recertification

AAOM facilitates a supportive environment for members to reach their education goals, and encourages professional improvement through continuous learning and recertification.

The association fosters excellence by continuous review of the principles and guidelines that define professional effectiveness in real property assessment.


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