Since 1957, the presidents of the AAOM have led our association with a vision of equity, integrity and education in property assessment.

Marc Connelly2021 / 2022
Jen Martens A.A.M.2019 / 2020
Mirek Frolek A.A.M.2017 / 2018
Michael Cortrviendt A.A.M.2015 / ​2016
Erin Reid2013 / ​2014
Dan Diachun A.A.M.2011 / ​2012
Brian Dupuis A.A.M.2009 / ​2010
Tammie Manchur (Knysh) A.A.M.2007 / ​2008
Rob Buss A.A.M.2005 / ​2006
Jean Klassen A.A.M.2003 / ​2004
Dan Diachun A.A.M.2001 / ​2002
Glenn Leskiw A.A.M.1999 / ​2000
Marjorie Dane-​Newton A.A.M.1997 / ​1998
Glen Bell A.A.M.1994 / 1996
Gord Lawson A.A.M.1991 / 1993
Rick Olson1990
Randy Nash A.A.M.1989
Cathy Squier A.A.M.1988
Greg Defer A.A.M.1987
Rhine Olyniuk A.A.M1986
Al Matsyk A.A.M. (Deceased)1985
Dan Leskiw A.A.M. (Deceased)1982
Terry Wareham A.A.M.1984
Alex (Sandy) Watson A.A.M.1983
Ron Hawksworth A.A.M.1981
Fred Harvey (Deceased)1980
Craig Young A.A.M.1979
Les Balneaves A.A.M. (Deceased)1977 / ​1978
Don Hay A.A.M. (Deceased)1976
Richard Taylor A.A.M.1975
Wayne Finlay A.A.M.1974
Bob Arbuckle1973
Bernie McMullan A.A.M.1972
Lorne Patson (Deceased)1971
Bud Newton (Deceased)1970
Dave Fair1969
Peter Swanlund (Deceased)1968
Don Fehr1967
Rod Scott A.A.M. (Deceased)1966
Bob Richards A.A.M. (Deceased)1965
George Stephen A.A.M. (Deceased)1964
Jim Tease A.A.M. (Deceased)1963
Bill Pelland (Deceased)1962
George Hogan (Deceased)1961
Eric Hagglund A.A.M. (Deceased)1960
Norm Simpson (Deceased)1959
Jake Reimer A.A.M. (Deceased)1958
Cy Collins A.A.M. (Deceased)1957
C. West (Deceased)1956

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